Level 1 – (Steps 1 – 84)
84 Topics | 3 Quizzes
LEVEL 3 (169 – 252)
84 Topics | 1 Quiz
LEVEL 4 (253 – 336)
84 Topics | 1 Quiz

Welcome to Modern Shamanism

Welcome to the Modern Shamanism Course and Community.

This 336 step course is going to revolutionize your entire life, focusing on these six categories:

  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Fulfilling Relationships
  3. Health and Well-Being
  4. Self Help & Personal Development
  5. Ultimate Spirituality
  6. Explosive Unending Creativity


There are certain terms used in Modern Shamanism that have specific meaning that are different to the commonly known definitions of those words. These new meanings are what make Modern Shamanism work. As you progress through the course, the words will be presented with their new meaning.
The most important term is the meaning for the word ‘spirit’.  In Modern Shamanism it means: any individual thing, idea, concept, thought, feeling, object or being. We use the term ‘spirit’ instead of ‘thing’ because in English the term ‘thing’ does not commonly include ‘intangible things.’
So a ‘spirit’ is any tangible or intangible thing.

Course Layout

The course is laid out in 4 levels, each containing 84 steps. The levels are broken down into 12 categories containing 7 steps each. Start the course in the Level 1 Category: Shaman: Step 1, and follow the steps in sequential order.


The course consists of 336 steps. They are activities designed for you to do one each day.
Each step has written and audio supportive material. Using the supportive material is not essential to the practice, however performing the steps are.
Time is precious. The course understands this. This is why most the steps are designed to be integrated into your life in a way that you will not need to make time outside of your regular daily activities in order to perform them. The only exceptions are occasional 15-30 minute visualizations and ceremonies that are designed to significantly benefit this process.
Since the steps constitute the daily activities and the comprehensive restructuring, you do not have to read the supportive materials or listen to the additional audios in order to benefit from the steps. They are there to help, but not necessary for the results.
We are very excited to share this comprehensive geometric restructuring system with you and look forward to your mastery of these principals and of your own life.
Take a moment to congratulate yourself for making the most important decision of your life.
You are now part of the Modern Shamanism community. Welcome.