Beliefs and Ideologies:
1. I am a man
2. I am alive
3. I am awareness
4. There are levels of awareness
5. I can transcend my current state of being by becoming more aware
6. Sleep is a psychological state and can happen with eyes open also
7. When I am awake but in states of thought then I am psychologically asleep
8. Every thought I have has a thinker behind it
9. I am not all the things that I express, I just connect to those things when expressing them
10. I can interact with other things
11. I am separate from everything that is not me
12. There is space between me and other things
13. There is a right and a wrong way of doing things
14. I can improve by practicing
15. I can use sexual energies to give new life into my own being
16. There are many dimensions of existence
17. There are spiritual teachers in higher dimensions
18. Aliens exist, some care for me, some don’t
19. Jesus was a man who transcended into another state of being
20. Same action brings similar results
21. I have a past and a future
22. All my actions are a result of my spiritual state
23. Everything is possible
24. I have not reached my full potential
25. I can change
26. My conclusions are mine to discover and apply
27. Opinions do not have more validity than other opinion
28. I live on earth
29. Earth is alive
30. I am a part of earth called man
31. God is universal and is not based in religion or belief
32. God helps those who help themselves
33. There is a heaven and a hell
34. Hell is connected to our own subconscious
35. Everything happens for the best
36. Things tend to work out with time
37. Angels and all types of spiritual beings exist
38. My body is my home
39. Life has a start point and an end point. One day I will die
40. Religious fanatics only serve to confuse and separate people
41. Systems of belief that claim superiority over others are based in lies
42. Everything has an explanation
43. Experiences cannot be transferred but they can be described
44. We are governed by certain laws of nature like gravity
45. It is not possible to levitate physically
46. Anything bad that happens is there only to teach something
47. I can help people
48. In the end, nothing really matters
49. If I harm anyone then I am harming myself
50. I cannot see spirits freely